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Doll User Guide

How To Position The Doll

How To Attach The Doll Head

Push On Head

Simply align the head and neck bolts then click head into position. It should stay firmly on.

Screw On Head

Simply align the head and neck bolts. Screw clockwise to tighten, taking care not to ove tighten.
Check to see it is securely in place. To loosen turn anti-clockwise.

How To Clean And Care For The Doll

These dolls cost a small fortune, looking after it is a bit like looking after a car, it needs to be cleaned, with the appropriate kit, both inside and out. We have put together this guide to help you care for the rental doll, answering the usual questions we are faced with.

What are the dolls made from?

Our rental dolls are made from Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) and silicone rubber.

Should I wash before use?

Keeping the doll clean is only half of the journey; before being intimate, make sure you are bathed and dried. Booth sweat and natural oils from your own skin tend to break down sex doll skin over time. Human oils and sweat react and eat away at both silicone and TPE. The best way to avoid this during intercourse is with a shower beforehand, using protection and with regular renewal powdering of the doll.

What’s in the after care kit?

The aftercare kit supplied is made up of complimentary and hire items for your use. This includes DISPOSABLES

Complimentary items include:

  • Condom or Femidom pack
  • Soft, Non Abrasive sponge and swab
  • Antimicrobial solution to sterilise the doll prior to return.*

The following items from the care kit must be cleaned and returned with the doll

  • Irrigator (Douce)
  • USB vagina warmer
  • Antimicrobial solution bottle

We recommend purchasing a larger bottle of antimicrobial solution if you wish to sterilise the doll
after each use.

When do I need to clean the Doll?

The doll must be cleaned between uses to prevent bacterial build-up and sterilised as instructed before returning using the supplied aftercare kit.

How do I wash the Doll’s face?

To wash the face simply remove the head from the body and the wig (if possible). Use a warm sponge with antibacterial soap to gently pat down the face. Pay special attention to the eyes and eyelashes as you want to avoid getting these wet.

Gently then pat down the face with a dry non-abrasive cloth to remove most of the moisture, allowing it to sit for an hour after this to dry naturally.

It is very important that you do not submerge your dolls head in water at any point.

How do I clean the Doll’s body?

We recommend that you use the following to clean the doll’s body. This is not a hard and fast rule,
however in our experience this will make your life easier and ensure you are giving doll the best
possible care:

  • Antibacterial soap
  • Tepid water
  • Spray Bottle or SOFT, NON ABRASIVE white sponge
  • A NON ABRASIVE white drying cloth

Option 1: Dilute a small amount of antibacterial soap with water in a spray bottle. Spray this mixture
onto the doll’s body and wipe down with a clean white non-abrasive soft cloth.

Option 2: Simply sponge down the doll with antibacterial soap and water using the non-abrasive
clear sponge, making sure not apply too much pressure to preserve the skin. It is very important that
you do not allow the neck or head to become too wet (this helps to avoid complications further down
the road such as rust on the neck screw).

How do I clean the orificies?

Since orifices receive the most intimate contact, they are incredibly important to clean well. Leaving orifices uncleaned can become a health risk, if left improperly sanitized and if unprotected while having sex.


The vagina and penis are removable orifices, detach them after intercourse and flush them out thoroughly. Use the irrigator (douche) and cleaning sponge to clean the inside. For best results, use an irrigator (douche) right after you’ve finished being intimate with your doll.

Fill the irrigator with cold water. Next, insert the curved tip into the orifice that needs to be cleaned. Lastly, squeeze to hit the cavity with a high-powered stream of water. Repeat process with warm water and antibacterial soap to best sanitize your doll. Use a clean white non-abrasive sponge to gently wipe away any residue from the inside of the orifice.

Rinse the orifice one more time before drying carefully with a towel. After drying with a towel, use a fan or other means to allow the piece to continue to air dry. There should be absolutely no moisture remaining before you store the orifice. Do not store a removable orifice in the doll — rather, keep it separate until use.


The anus and mouth orifices can not be removed. The procedure here is roughly the same as with irremovable inserts — use the irrigator to rinse the insides, sponge down the orifice with warm water and antibacterial soap before drying it thoroughly.

Don’t let soap linger when washing the orifices as it can eat away at material (especially TPE). Similarly, don’t wait to begin drying the orifices — moisture will find its way into small crevices and ultimately lead to the growth of an unholy hole.

Prior to returning the doll it is important to clean and sterilise the mouth, anus, vagina or penis. Spray cleaned orifices the supplied antimicrobial solution and wipe dry with soft paper towel.

How do I dry the Doll after cleaning?

Ensuring your doll has dried fully is very important to prevents friction on the skin which could potentially cause a tear of the dolls skin.
To dry the doll, you will need:

  • SOFT, NON ABRASIVE white drying cloth
  • Talcum powder (baby powder)

Use a soft non-abrasive drying cloth to gently pat down the doll when wet with. Do not apply too much much pressure as the final part of the drying will be natural.

Once you have removed the bulk of moisture from the doll, allow it to sit for an hour and full dry naturally. After this time you can apply the talcum powder to the doll’s body to give it a nice fragrance and prevent the skin from becoming tacky.

What not to do when cleaning the Doll

Avoid the following steps when cleaning your doll, this is very important to return the doll intact

  • Use any cleaning agent which will have a reaction with the silicone or TPE skin
  • Avoid using any sharp objects when cleaning the doll as this could lead to puncturing the skin
  • Avoid getting the head or neck submerged in water at all
  • Do not apply too much pressure to the doll’s skin when cleaning or drying the doll as again this could lead to a tear
  • NEVER use a hair or blow dryer to dry your doll, this will almost certainly cause on your doll
How do I clean the Dolls wig?

Cleaning the wig is very straight forward. You will need the following:

  • Mild Shampoo
  • Mild Conditioner
  • Comb

Remove the doll’s wig and wash thoroughly with both the shampoo and conditioner. Once the wig is cleaned thoroughly then allow it to dry naturally, you may wish to use a wig stand to make things easier and speed up the process. Do not place a wet wig on the dolls head.

Once the wig is dry, use the comb to gently comb through the hair starting from the bottom slowly working your way up to the top. This will prevent you from pulling the comb through any knots and removing hair from the wig.

Dressing the dolls

It is very important that you check the clothes you are putting on the doll will not transfer any of the colours to the doll.  TPE and silicone skin will take on any colour from clothing if the clothing is not colourfast or have not been thoroughly washed prior to use on the doll. TPE skin, in particular, is very porous and will stain.

To clean the clothes, use your usual washing technique but ensure that the clothing is fully dried before putting on the doll.

This applies to anything that comes into contact with the doll if it contains ink or anything that could potentially discolour the skin, avoid contact.

How to prevent creases and wrinkles on the doll?

Don’t panic if creases or wrinkles appear on your doll after use. Just lay it on a flat surface to remove the pressure — over time, the doll should return to its original state. Tight-fitting clothes can also cause skin creases, so be sure to remove them before storage. Be warned: If you keep tight clothes on the doll for too long, the creases can become permanent. Further, it’s a good idea to change the position of the doll the weight of the breasts or butt coupled with gravity can cause drooping or flattening over time.

How do I store and transport the Doll?

Store the doll in the delivery and returns box. Make a note of the position it was in when is arrived.  

The doll should be stored at room temperature, so avoid places that are too hot, too cold or too humid. Ensure that you do not expose the doll to prolonged sunlight as this may degrade the silicone or TPE skin.

Take precautions not to overstretch the joints, see positioning guide. Ensure the doll is not in direct contact with any inks or materials which could potentially pass over colour to the doll.

This should help you keep the doll in good condition.

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