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Fantasy mirrors desire. Imagine reshapes it. - Mason Cooly

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Soft and supple. It's the most lifelike sensation you can get. Why not treat yourself to this time limited rental offer.

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Beauties unbound, Erica or Cara bring a bottle of bubbly to help you relax and unlock your sexual desire for just £300.00 a week to hire.

Therapies & Guides

Health Benefits of Sex

Sexual activity benefits your body in many of the same ways as exercise, boosting heart health, immunity and lowering blood pressure.

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Sex dolls - A timeline

You may think of the sex doll as a modern invention for lonely people, but they actually have a deep meaningful history.

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Life with dolls

Photographer, Benita Marcussen provides a rare glimpse into a subculture unknown to most. Men & Dolls tells the distinct story of men, who literally shaped the women of their dreams.

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How to position the doll

How to attach the doll head

Push on head

Simply align the head and neck bolts and click head into position. It should stay firmly on.

Screw on head

Simply align the head and neck bolts. Screw clockwise to tighten, taking care not to over tighten. Check to see it is securely in place. To loosen, turn anti-clockwise.

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